Lincoln Cathedral Foundation is a non-profit organisation established exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes.

The main purposes of the Lincoln Cathedral Foundation can be found below:

1) Lincoln Cathedral Foundation exists to advance the educational purposes of Lincoln Cathedral in America by promoting Lincoln Cathedral’s 1215 Magna Carta, Gothic Romanesque history, the medieval architecture, restoration and works department, the manuscript collection from the Medieval Library, the book collection of the Christopher Wren Library, and promoting the exchange of visiting choirs.

2) To promote and establish educational opportunities and exchange programmes for U.S. educational institutions in Lincoln, England.

3) To promote cultural awareness of Lincoln, England and as a centre of medieval architecture and liturgical music, language and literature.

4) To promote, create and encourage bonds between Lincoln, England and the U.S. arising out of early colonisation of the U.S. from the Lincoln area.

5) To invest and administer and distribute property and funds for the above purposes, including the making of contributions to Lincoln Cathedral.